Conversations of a Different Kind

What are we creating?

Participate in group exploration as we discover how each puzzle piece adds to the collective solution.

Do you hold a key?

As we explore in group conversations, we remember the question that we didn’t know to ask....pathways open

Resonance and balance are innate and natural to the Wholly Human.

Ask the are revealed.  We explore and discover together.  

What’s Here?

The Toolbox

You will have access to all the pratical application tools that work with how you live today .  And you will learn how to use those new skill-sets to complement the work you are doing now.

Free Downloads

There are free download files embedded with The Triad Wave Sequencing along with links to authorized vendors to purchase more at The Triad Wave Music HUB.


Read and download the links to documents that expand and validate what’s in the Toolbox.  

There’s More!

Quiet Miracles

The Quiet Miracles information and its use in mainstream environments since 1996 might provide helpful information as you move your work out.

Training curriculum and session outlines, presentation outlines

Since 1996, all the information has been used in mainstream environments, (i.e., hospitals, schools, corporate environment, personal use).  The models are available to use today and be modified for your particular audience.

Science and support documentation

The science behind The Triad Wave Sequencing and the Bio-acoustic Model will give you an opportunity to “prove” (to those few who really want to know) that the tools and techniques used are supported by science.  Much of the information demonstrates the validity of most “energy” work.  Learn how to integrate these models into what you do, offering you a unique edge as you present your own work.


Thank you for sharing your contact information. It will be used to share information on how you might engage and participate as events and new information is presented.

We Begin Here...

Just the two of us

Exploring the possibilities

If you would like personal time, there are options that we can discuss.  Let’s schedule a time...


Reaching out to support, encourage and educate.  Learn ways to integrate the “tools” in the work you bring to those you have come to serve.

Ask the questions, let’s explore

The resources that are from 27+ years of experience are being “free sourced” on this site and available for your use.  A private conversation with Brenda is based on personal time and is $77.70.   If this presents financial stress, let’s get creative...we will find a way to move forward.,

Private conversation with Brenda


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