The Triad Wave

Coming soon....Brenda will share the essence and vibrational signature of The Triad Wave.

The Triad Wave Bio-acoustic System

Transformational Pathway for the Emerging Wholly Human

The Triad Wave Bio-acoustic SYSTEM assists as you unlock the wisdom held within your own BEING (the Wholly Human physical form) and bring it more fully into your awareness to be used more efficiently and effectively.  As you develop your full complement of multi-sensory receptors within the tri-vector physical mind/body/spirit, you move in resonance within your personal field of experience as well as the greater group field.  The encoding within the physical was set within its Original Blueprint to recognize certain signals to engage the autonomic functions of the sensory system along with how information must be routed to fully support you as you embody the wisdom of the Wholly Human.

What is The Triad Wave Sequencing?

The Triad Wave Sequencing is a simple sine wave sequence acting much like the “internet”, hyper-communicating with the external and internal systems of both the physiology and the environment using vibration...a code that the physiology understands. It is a Universal Support System that works in absolute resonance with our highest potential incorporating Pi/Phi/Fibonacci and the non- interference system within which it moves.

The Triad Wave Sequencing has three distinct segments, each has a specific function that works in concert with the other and addresses the physical routing of information throughout the body. While the primary senses are well known, many are not aware that the skin, the largest organ in the body system, holds the largest number of sensory receptors and is sending and receiving continuous information through “vibration”...sound/no sound. Because we have disassociated, as a general rule, much of what we experience and have ability to shift or change, goes unnoticed. In our Original Blueprint Design, we were given many autonomic functions that have been disrupted through the years. Much like the elephants moving to higher ground because they “sense the tsunami” long before it arrives, we can also “remember” and engage the vibrational movement that the skin receives and act accordingly.

The next step is to bridge the gap between vibration and words/language in order to allow the physical form to move in resonance with both its Soul Purpose and its Personality life experience on Gaia.

More detailed information is provided in the many documents that have been written. ASK YOUR QUESTION AND I WILL POINT YOU TO THE DOCUMENTS?

The Triad Wave Sequencing

This representation of the Triad Wave Sequencing was created by Glenn Paoli in 2006. It took weeks of converting the data files into a moving kaleidoscope. Michael Heleus, astrophysics expert, after looking at the visual, compared it to the work of John Addy, Hans Jenny’s cymatics and Chladni. Technical Genius!  The music that you hear was created by Steve Skudler and is a representation of The Triad Wave Sequencing, visually and in motion.


The Educational Model for the Bio-acoustic SYSTEM  was developed to use, share and teach the tools and processes that support our human form during times of accelerated growth and change.  In addition to the experiential of the educational model, you will learn how to engage The Triad Wave Sequencing.  Using the full spectrum of the SYSTEM, you will be fully supported as you recognize that you hold within your own BEING  the full remembrance of how to navigate as Wholly Human.

The SYSTEM consists of the following interactive experientials

  • Awareness:  The foundation for reading your Original Blueprint begins with The Reset Breath, Quiet Touch and your Personal 18” Field of Existence.  During this first series, you will become proficient in recognizing and using these tools of remembrance.  Your Awareness accelerates as you move into resonance with your Original Blueprint Encoding held within your DNA/RNA system, the planet upon which you reside (GAIA) and all that moves around you.

  • Presence:  Exploration of group fields, opening for multi-sensory collaboration, unity/community and resonance within your Personal Field and within Group Fields.  Experiencing the NOW, moving in resonance with NOW…being fully present in mind/body/spirit using the full complement of the multi-sensory system, aware of all movement held within each moment and each experience.

  • Intent:  In order to change what exists, we must create and build from a new perspective.  The Intent series opens the pathway for establishing a resonant field of cooperation and trust provicing a fertile field for empirical manifestation.  Your intention is more creative and clearly defined as you determine how you direct and express your thoughts and actions.

The sequencing of these experiential classes is specific to address our multi-sensory system, how we route and translate the data/information that moves into our field of experience every moment.  

  • The group experience engages and supports the use of our largest sensory organ the skin, recognizing that we are part of a larger field of experience.  Expanding our awareness and presence, we can recognize the subtle signals being received each moment.  
  • Our signals allow us to work more closely with our Personal Field, recognize the presence of group fields, engage and move within them and ultimately move within the Greater Field of Unlimited Possibilities in a resonance way.  We now become part of an ever-growing and expanding awareness to hold a calm and peaceful field as we move into each life experience.


Quiet Sounds

  • Do you realize that the subconscious controls the well-being of every system in your body?
  • Would you like to tap into your subconscious and use that knowledge consciously to support your well-being?
  • Would you like to access that information easily in the comfort of your own home?

Quiet Sounds© refers to any audio/video files embedded with The Triad Wave Sequencing.  When embedded, the sequencing provides a multi-frequency wave that acts as a brain/heart center balancer.  As your multi-sensory listening hears and feels the sequencing, you are able to experience consciously this balance and remember how to tune your consciousness to align with your heart wisdom.

This very process has been studied extensively with the highly evolved dolphins.  Dolphins emit energy and sound vibration that stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin.  These vibrational frequencies are in the range of alpha waves, which encourage feelings of relaxation, serenity and allow us to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our consciousness.  Also engaged is the theta state, which aligns with the optimal level for deep thought and is the gateway to learning and memory.  While in this state, we can reduce stressors and awaken our intuitive and extrasensory perception skills.

The following comparison chart indicates ways that the physiology is affected when adding Quiet Sounds© to your current practices.


Thank you for sharing your contact information. It will be used to share information on how you might engage and participate as events and new information is presented.

Presentation Sites

The Bio-acoustic System, previously known as Quiet Miracles, has been presented  to address the need of the participants in a venue specific format at the following sites since 1996.  As you can see, the strength of the SYSTEM is the ability to address the diversity of the participants, focusing on the common thread that joins all humanity.

  • Duke University School of Medicine - Mind/Body Study Group and physician forum
  • Brenner Pediatric Oncology (staff)
  • Brenner Pediatric Oncology Patient Retreat
  • Wake Forest-Bowman Gray School of Medicine - Integrative Medicine Task Force
  • Wake Forest-Bowman Gray School of Medicine - Intern Orientation
  • Davidson County Community College School of Nursing
  • Hugh Chathum Memorial Hospital
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital - Nurse Education
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital, Supervisors Retreat
  • Caswell County Wellness Health Fair
  • Community General Hospital Spring Conference
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital Wellness Program
  • Forsyth County Medical Group Managers
  • Market Street Methodist Church Women‘s Retreat
  • Davidon County Minister’s Retreat
  • NC Hospital Advocacy Group State Conference
  • NC Medical Group Manager’s State Conference (Spring and Fall Sessions)
  • NC School Social Worker’s State Conference
  • NC School Nurses Conference
  • VA Medical Center, PTSD
  • Forsyth County School System, Pilot Project
  • Salisbury Rotary Club
  • Lexington Rotary Club
  • Cancer Services Davidson County
  • National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing, Biloxi, Miss
  • Joyful Child Group Training, Sedona, Az.
  • Highland Real Holistic Health and Wellness Center, Hampshire, Tn
  • Antara Center, Nashville, Tn
  • Old Hickory Unity Church Nashville, Tn
  • Music City Unity Church, Nashville, TN
  • East West Academy of Healing Arts, World Conference on QiGong, San Francisco, Ca.


The SYSTEM began in North Carolina in 1994 as Quiet Miracles, a non-profit.  The following links will provide information on the evolution of The SYSTEM.