Brenda shares her personal experience with The Triad Wave

The Triad Wave Bio-acoustic System

The Triad Wave Bio-acoustic SYSTEM and the Educational Model (API, RBQT, 18” and “hands on Over-ride Codes - Imprint for Unity Consciousness) assists as you unlock the wisdom held within your own BEING (the Wholly Human physical form) and bring it more fully into your awareness to be used more efficiently and effectively.  As you develop your full complement of multi-sensory receptors within the tri-vector physical of mind/body/spirit, you move in resonance within your personal field of experience as well as the greater group field.  The encoding within the physical was set within its Original Blueprint to recognize certain signals to engage the autonomic functions of the sensory system along with how information must be routed to fully support you as you embody the wisdom of the Wholly Human.

The Triad Wave Sequencing is a simple sine wave sequence acting much like the “internet”, hyper-communicating with the external and internal systems of both the physiology and the environment using vibration...a code that the physiology understands. It is a Universal Support System that works in absolute resonance with our highest potential incorporating Pi/Phi/Fibonacci and the non- interference system within which it moves.

The Triad Wave Sequencing has three distinct segments, each has a specific function that works in concert with the other and addresses the physical routing of information throughout the body. While the primary senses are well known, many are not aware that the skin, the largest organ in the body system, holds the largest number of sensory receptors and is sending and receiving continuous information through “vibration”...sound/no sound. Because we have disassociated, as a general rule, much of what we experience and have ability to shift or change, goes unnoticed. In our Original Blueprint Design, we were given many autonomic functions that have been disrupted through the years. Much like the elephants moving to higher ground because they “sense the tsunami” long before it arrives, we can also “remember” and engage the vibrational movement that the skin receives and act accordingly.

Bridging the Gap

 RBQT, when used in concert with other modalities or practices, can assist the body to rest comfortably in the parasympathetic/sympathetic balance, adjusting the vagal tone (the flow of oxytocin, the calming hormone) as needed and opening to an inside experience of safety and well being...a resonant and symbiotic balance.  Your support tools for sustainability are held within your own BEING…your breath and your touch...RBQT.

As we have already established, the human form, in its Original Design, is a tri-vector (Spirit, Mind, Form).  All systems are carefully integrated and clear about their specific tasks.  There are three primary brains that monitor and route information and each has a specific task that is carefully established to assure communication on all levels.  While there are other references to a “three part brain”…for our purposes, we will address the primary brain systems that move information throughout the body:  the gut brain, the head brain and the heart brain.  We bridge between science, physiology and spirituality by simply looking at how this design works.  We will begin with vibration for that is how the bio-acoustic form communicates on all levels.  It senses/reads movement/determines action/non-action.  Everything that we experience is movement in its many forms of expression.  How we assimilate, decode and process this vibrational movement determines how we perceive each experience.  

The gut brain or vagus system (also known as the ventral vagal complex) monitors and assesses all movement within the human form (our bio-acoustic 18” personal field and vibrational signature) as well as the eco-acoustic environment or field in which we live. Our intuition is not just an old wives tale or some New Age jargon…it is actually one way the vibrational messages that surge throughout our system alert us to what is happening for the gut brain monitors both our internal environment as well as the external environment in which we move. Simply by being self-aware, we can access this information and act accordingly.  Some of our actions will be subconscious as they are part of our natural survival mechanism.  How we address these signals depends upon our ability to manage and balance our autonomic nervous system response – sympathetic and parasympathetic.  As you explore the API Process (Awareness, Presence and Intent), you will access the reset, self-adjust (RBQT) system that moves the signal from fight, flight or freeze to PAUSE/discernment before action opening to a sense of safety and trust as we engage with others…collaboration, unity.

 “The more efficiently the VVC (ventral vagal complex) synchronizes the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the better the physiology of each individual will be attuned to that of other members of the tribe.”  The Body Keeps the Score:  Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk MD  

Our next step is to open to the possibility that what we see, hear, taste and smell are but a small part of all that is being communicated.  It is time to look at the largest organ system of the human form...our skin.  It is no coincidence that we reside in a body/form.  In our Original Blueprint Design, the human form was able to sense and recognize movement, much like the elephants that sense the tsunami long before it arrives.  Our inattention to touch and movement has hindered that recognition and we are now beginning to bring it back online, so to speak.  The gut brain, the vagus system or enteric nervous system is believed to be formed as the neural crest rises at the end of the third week of development.  It is important to remember that the vagus system connects to every system within the body in various ways and is our primary system for information, sending and receiving that data through vibration…not words.

Our “emotional brain,” has been defined as the primitive brain stem and the limbic system and is the first stop to interpret information.  The amygdala has the task of determining the “emotional significance” of the information.  All of this takes place in nanoseconds and often “jumps to conclusions” rather than allowing the information to move forward into the more advanced development stages of the brain to assess all the options.  Reset Breath/Quiet Touch (RBQT) provides the opportunity to PAUSE and allow the sympathetic/parasympathetic balance to be established.

Many continue to believe that our head brain is where our intelligence resides and all systems are managed.  That is only partly accurate.  As the human species evolved, we added skills to the primitive brain at the base of the skull to give the ability to focus, reason and use discernment.  So, why do we continue to reside in “fight, flight or freeze” or what I call sympathetic default most of the time?  Take a look at your own day-to-day reality…do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious?  As a global population, that is our “norm.”  As questions arose, scientific research opened the possibility that there was something we could do besides prescribing medication and electrical stimulation.  Ancient civilizations and practices knew this…and yet it was not widespread nor embraced by the larger populations because it was considered pseudoscience.  Today, there is an abundance of information to support this theory and what once was referred to as pseudoscience is being considered more carefully. The head brain is the routing system operating much like a computer hard drive.   It receives information from our sensory receptors as well as the gut brain and alerts the body systems to either take action or stand down. How that information is assimilated, decoded and processed, then applied in our experience is determined by our ability to PAUSE and allow the information to reach our most advanced reasoning and discernment capabilities.  

It is widely known and accepted that the heart plays an important role in our well-being on many levels.  Perhaps this is where heart and mind move in concert with Soul Essence and Personality. Today, the ability to manifest seems to be focused upon heart coherence. Science, both physical science and physics, have demonstrated that the heart projects a signal from the heart that is magnetic.  HeartMath states that “the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain.” 

Before going any further, let’s explore heart coherence and how it works with the internal communication system of the three brain system?  And are we talking about the heart muscle or something more subtle…the “spark within the heart that is often thought to be our Soul/Spirit”?

In the Beginning, in our primitive understanding, our existence was about survival. In fact, we were originally designed, at a cellular level to survive at all costs and that remains the primary task of our emotional brain.  While we are no longer running from the dinosaurs, we still operate primarily from our “fight, flight or freeze” position, not always engaging our more advanced brain system to determine how to proceed.  Each evolutionary process added some skills to our Toolbox.  What are these tools and how do they work?

The first tools were about survival…food, shelter and fire.  Then, at some point, we began to use a form of words and gestures.  We grew, we formed communities to work together and reached our first real challenge…”who’s in charge?”  That was not only true within our communal system, it was also taking place within our bio-acoustic form.  Our physical brain was now had new data to consider.  Our choices were now taking into consideration how we responded based on the words or gestures and how we interpreted them.  We began to have experiences that were accumulated as data and stored in the brain.  Sometimes, our experiences had stories as we began to share with others.  We now felt emotion…fear, satisfaction…though we did not fully understand what that meant.  Those experiences are housed within what became known as the limbic system and have become the primary influence for our beliefs and behavior.  Like the hard drive on the computer, it holds data and can be accessed anytime it is triggered by an experienced or perceived memory.  Just like a simple keystroke can access what is held within your computer memory, the limbic system can flood your thoughts with past memory and experience and influence your choices, often without you being aware how the choice was made or even that a choice was made.

We have been told and conditioned to “listen to our heart”… “project love from our heart”…and yet we have missed the point of what that means.  Since the heart projects a vibrational signal 100 x’s stronger than the brain, when we are in resonance, feel safe and nurtured, the signal is very loving.  When we are stressed and feeling unsafe, we fall “victim” to the fact that “No matter how much insight and understanding we develop, the rational brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality.” (The Body Keeps the Score:  Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk MD).  

What is stored in that “emotional brain” (the limbic system) that is so strong and is there a way we might use that information in another way?  At this point, I would like to pose a question that I often ask when someone is wondering why we do what we do.  “Give me ONE example of an original thought?”  While you think about that, I will tell you that many have tried to find just one…not one has been found.  They do not exist.  Everything we know…or think we know…has been told, shown or modeled for us from the time we are in utero.  Research has shown that the fetus hears and experiences sounds and voices.  That isn’t all the fetus experiences…also from The Body Keeps Score…”The right brain is the first to develop in the womb, and it carries the nonverbal communication between mothers and infants.”  While we might not know how these experiences in utero form our reality after we are born, it is certain that the imprints have long lasting affects/effects on us.  So the next question might be “How does the data stored in the limbic system become part of our behavior and influence our choices?  And is the data real or perceived from past experience?  How does data routing determine our perception or sense of what we are experiencing?  As usual, I happened upon an interesting link that gave another perspective on how data moves.

The University of North Carolina, more specifically Dr. Stephen Porges discovered the answer to my question.  After reading the article, I began to look at how The Triad Wave, API Bio-acoustic SYSTEM and RBQT (Reset Breath/Quiet Touch) might be associated with and complementary to Porges statement:   “To effectively switch from defensive to social engagement strategies, the mammalian nervous system needs to perform two important adaptive tasks: (1) assess risk, and (2) if the environment is perceived as safe, inhibit the more primitive limbic structures that control fight, flight, or freeze behaviors.”

The HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique suggests these steps:  “Step 1:  Focus your attention in the area of the heart.  Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.  Step 2:  Make a sincere attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life.”  The focus is a parasympathetic balance to reset the ability of the physical to assess the experience with the options available at the highest level of development.  Is this a mental construct that engages the rational mind or does it engage the “emotional brain” rushing to make a choice?  Deepak Chopra has suggested that “consciousness is a mental construct.”  How might we have a visceral experience to determine whether we are safe and can proceed?

My question…Is there more?  How does the API and RBQT support the sense of “safety”?  First, it has been my experience that when we give words to an experience, it often triggers a long held memory that gives a false reading of the experience. We take action that is not necessary.  The SYSTEM, Awareness specifically, opens the participant to experiencing the unspoken vibrational movement by becoming aware of the sensory receptors on the skin that routes the information to the vagal complex allowing for external and internal assessment.  We PAUSE to reset and self-adjust before taking action, allowing the emotional brain to use the rational brain to assess the situation.  This process takes only seconds and opens the possibility to change the experience.  To suggest that someone “Feel safe” is a mental construct.  “Feeling or experiencing the body’s relaxed state is a visceral experience…it does not come from outside…it is an inside experience” that occurs naturally when all internal communication is in resonance.  Resonance is a natural occurrence when we are in a parasympathetic/sympathetic balance.  The “gut brain” accesses internal/external environment...sends a signal to the “head brain” to either take action or stand down...the “Soul/Spirit/heart brain” assures that all is in resonance.  The tri-vector in absolute concert.  

The common thread that connects all of this, besides the fact that we all live in a body...on this planet, continues to point to all of the routing systems working as they were designed or have evolved.  I feel it is safe to say that our systems are out of sync or resonance for many reasons.  Imagine what would happen to your kitchen stove if the circuit board was not wired properly...instead of bake, it reads broil...dinner is ruined!  Consider that is what we are experiencing within our own bio-field now...we often feel stressed, anxious, excited or over-stimulated.  Our human circuit board or blueprint design has a built-in sensor to determine both our internal and external environment and act accordingly to reset and self-adjust.  RBQT-18” provides a simple platform upon which we might begin to discover once again, our Original Blueprint Design...all systems working in concert with one another and routing data or in-formation in a manner that allows assessment, decoding and discernment before taking action, opening the potential for sustainability.

There are many tools that we might use as we begin to bring our Wholly Human system fully online.  One that comes in many forms, depending upon your personal preference, is MUSIC.  There is no doubt that music has many ways to either soothe or stimulate us and is part of our every moment existence as it continually sends vibrational movement into our field of existence.  How might we use this tool in a way that is resonant and harmonious?  That is the very reason The Triad Wave Sequencing was brought forward.  Supporting the music you are listening to or playing and sending the vibration of resonance into our common field of existence…it engages the routing of that vibration to move through our physical system to its highest level of awareness in order to use the information in a way that supports us.  RBQT, when used in concert with other modalities or practices, will assist the body to rest comfortably in the parasympathetic/sympathetic balance, adjusting the vagal tone (the flow of oxytocin, the calming hormone) as needed and opening to an inside experience of safety and well being.  This would be in concert with what neuroscientist, Joseph LeDoux refers to as the “high road.”  “The second neural pathway, the high road, runs from the thalamus, via the hippocampus and anterior cingulate, to the prefrontal cortex, the rational brain, for a conscious and much more refined interpretation.”  In simple terms, we take a PAUSE and allow the routing of the information to reach its highest interpretation.  The body resets, self-adjusts and moves in a resonant and symbiotic balance.  Your support tools for sustainability are held within your own BEING…your breath and your touch…RBQT.

I will close this with one last thought…these are simply more words…to bring this into a form that will assure sustainability, I would suggest that you take the time to experience how this information might benefit you and how you might engage and participate.


The Educational Model for the Bio-acoustic SYSTEM  was developed to use, share and teach the tools and processes that support our human form during times of accelerated growth and change.  In addition to the experiential of the educational model, you will learn how to engage The Triad Wave Sequencing.  Using the full spectrum of the SYSTEM, you will be fully supported as you recognize that you hold within your own BEING  the full remembrance of how to navigate as Wholly Human.

The SYSTEM consists of the following interactive experientials

  • Awareness:  The foundation for reading your Original Blueprint begins with The Reset Breath, Quiet Touch and your Personal 18” Field of Existence.  (RBQT-18”). During this first series, you will become proficient in recognizing and using these tools of remembrance.  Your Awareness accelerates as you move into resonance with your Original Blueprint Encoding held within your DNA/RNA system, the planet upon which you reside (GAIA) and all that moves around you.
  • Presence:  Exploration of group fields, opening for multi-sensory collaboration, unity/community and resonance within your Personal Field and within Group Fields.  Experiencing the NOW, moving in resonance with NOW…being fully present in mind/body/spirit using the full complement of the multi-sensory system, aware of all movement held within each moment and each experience.
  • Intent:  In order to change what exists, we must create and build from a new perspective.  The Intent series opens the pathway for establishing a resonant field of cooperation and trust providing a fertile field for empirical manifestation.  Your intention is more creative and clearly defined as you determine how you direct and express your thoughts and actions.

The sequencing of these experiential classes is specific to address our multi-sensory system, how we route and translate the data/information that moves into our field of experience every moment.  

  • The group experience engages and supports the use of our largest sensory organ the skin, recognizing that we are part of a larger field of experience.  Expanding our awareness and presence, we can recognize the subtle signals being received each moment.  
  • Our signals allow us to work more closely with our Personal Field, recognize the presence of group fields, engage and move within them and ultimately move within the Greater Field of Unlimited Possibilities in a resonance way.  We now become part of an ever-growing and expanding awareness to hold a calm and peaceful field as we move into each life experience.


Training Outline

Introduction to Basic Morning Session

The space around each of us is an electromagnetic field of energy as unique and individually personal to us as our fingerprint.  Researchers at various institutions have done studies to document the existence of this field and how it affects us as well as our surroundings.  The Model for Change experiential provide an opportunity to discover for yourself how you affect others and how they affect you as you move about within this space.

As we bridge the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious, we connect at the deep level of the Soul.  Questions arise as we sort through what we perceive as Illusion and Reality. What is the Illusion?  Is it the unreality that becomes our reality when we live our life defined by someone else?  Another's words and thoughts become our TRUTH.  We live from the outside/In rather that from the inside/out.  We believe what we see rather than what we KNOW

During our morning time together, you are offered an opportunity to open previously closed doors of thought and awareness via a simple experiential that invites you into a space of silence...with your eyes wide open.  In a fully conscious state, with your internal communication system in pristine movement, you are able to remember what you already know and use that knowledge when dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

Feel the Movement - Introduction to The Reset Breath

Our first experiential focuses on our BREATH.  We begin by NOTICING our own body sensations, what might be attracting our attention in the environment around us and if we notice any discomfort within our body.

The Reset Breath is the most important part of this experiential and will determine how easily you are able to embody the higher frequencies that are being offered at this time.  The Reset Breath signals the body to begin to "reset" and opens to another experience.

More will be shared.....

Nurturing Self - Introduction to Quiet Touch

The human form is a complex system of checks and balances that opens pathways for wellness on all levels.  These body systems (three brains - head-heart-gut) determine how we decode the information being sent from all sources every moment of our lives.

Quiet Touch opens the opportunity to signal the body to integrate, decode and process all stimuli as it self-adjusts for optimal efficiency.

The Next Piece - Hands On


If you have a ”hands-on” practice, this “piece of the puzzle” adds another tool in the toolbox  that also works with the routing system of the human body.  Just the coming together of two electromagnetic fields creates a super charge for both the practitioner and the patient/client.  

This practice complements RBQT-18” and opens the opportunity to provide another sustainable tool for those you have come to serve.

Presentation Sites

The Bio-acoustic System, previously known as Quiet Miracles, has been presented  to address the need of the participants in a venue specific format at the following sites since 1996.  As you can see, the strength of the SYSTEM is the ability to address the diversity of the participants, focusing on the common thread that joins all humanity.

  • Duke University School of Medicine - Mind/Body Study Group and physician forum
  • Brenner Pediatric Oncology (staff)
  • Brenner Pediatric Oncology Patient Retreat
  • Wake Forest-Bowman Gray School of Medicine - Integrative Medicine Task Force
  • Wake Forest-Bowman Gray School of Medicine - Intern Orientation
  • Davidson County Community College School of Nursing
  • Hugh Chathum Memorial Hospital
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital - Nurse Education
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital, Supervisors Retreat
  • Caswell County Wellness Health Fair
  • Community General Hospital Spring Conference
  • Lexington Memorial Hospital Wellness Program
  • Forsyth County Medical Group Managers
  • Market Street Methodist Church Women‘s Retreat
  • Davidon County Minister’s Retreat
  • NC Hospital Advocacy Group State Conference
  • NC Medical Group Manager’s State Conference (Spring and Fall Sessions)
  • NC School Social Worker’s State Conference
  • NC School Nurses Conference
  • VA Medical Center, PTSD
  • Forsyth County School System, Pilot Project
  • Salisbury Rotary Club
  • Lexington Rotary Club
  • Cancer Services Davidson County
  • National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing, Biloxi, Miss
  • Joyful Child Group Training, Sedona, Az.
  • Highland Real Holistic Health and Wellness Center, Hampshire, Tn
  • Antara Center, Nashville, Tn
  • Old Hickory Unity Church Nashville, Tn
  • Music City Unity Church, Nashville, TN
  • East West Academy of Healing Arts, World Conference on QiGong, San Francisco, Ca.

The Triad Wave Visual

This representation of the Triad Wave Sequencing was created by Glenn Paoli in 2006. It took weeks of converting the data files into a moving kaleidoscope. Michael Heleus, astrophysics expert, after looking at the visual, compared it to the work of John Addy, Hans Jenny’s cymatics and Chladni. Technical Genius!  The music that you hear was created by Steve Skudler and is a representation of The Triad Wave Sequencing, visually and in motion.

Quiet Sounds

  • Do you realize that the subconscious controls the well-being of every system in your body?
  • Would you like to tap into your subconscious and use that knowledge consciously to support your well-being?
  • Would you like to access that information easily in the comfort of your own home?

Quiet Sounds© refers to any audio/video files embedded with The Triad Wave Sequencing.  When embedded, the sequencing provides a multi-frequency wave that acts as a brain/heart center balancer.  As your multi-sensory listening hears and feels the sequencing, you are able to experience consciously this balance and remember how to tune your consciousness to align with your heart wisdom.

This very process has been studied extensively with the highly evolved dolphins.  Dolphins emit energy and sound vibration that stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin.  These vibrational frequencies are in the range of alpha waves, which encourage feelings of relaxation, serenity and allow us to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our consciousness.  Also engaged is the theta state, which aligns with the optimal level for deep thought and is the gateway to learning and memory.  While in this state, we can reduce stressors and awaken our intuitive and extrasensory perception skills.

The following comparison chart indicates ways that the physiology is affected when adding Quiet Sounds© to your current practices.