The Triad Wave LLC

 The Triad Wave LLC is a Philanthropic Organization working in concert with The Quiet Miracles Trust and Strategic Partners to bring humanitarian projects into mainstream environments that engage, educate, support, impact and shift the current landscape to one of equality and sustainability.  We bridge between what exists now and what can be the full potential to assure individual and collective empowerment and change.

Working together, using a Global Collaborative Model, we join expertise and multiple skill sets to assure stability and sustainability for projects that are respectful and resonant at the CORE level with those we have come to serve.  Our TEAM approach implements solutions that are custom designed to add jobs within each community by honoring the traditions and values of those we serve.

The TEAM consists of expertise in bridging spiritual diversity to come together in resonance, education/practical application, health/wellness, nutrition, housing/water, building/community, free energy requirements, financial over-site to name a few.  The technology and products are resonant and in harmony with the environment and all life.

All Intellectual Property Rights in and to any Trademark, copyright, “how to” associated with The Triad Wave are held within the Quiet Miracles Trust and managed by the Triad Wave LLC.  Any use or presentation must be in accordance with the Guidelines.

NOTE:  Before representing The Triad Wave™ on any production, you are asked to review and follow the Guidelines.  Your agreement to follow these Guidelines establishes an empirical sacred agreement with The Triad Wave LLC to maintain the integrity of this gift as you use it,  in concert with the work you are bringing forward.

The Triad Wave™ ©1994 Brenda Williams. 

The Triad Wave Visual

This representation of the Triad Wave Sequencing was created by Glenn Paoli in 2006. It took weeks of converting the data files into a moving kaleidoscope. Michael Heleus, astrophysics expert, after looking at the visual, compared it to the work of John Addy, Hans Jenny’s cymatics and Chladni. Technical Genius!  The music that you hear was created by Steve Skudler and is a representation of The Triad Wave Sequencing, visually and in motion.