The Introduction to Through the Looking Glass, Becomming Wholly Human is narrated by Brenda.  The music is Courage to Dream by Gary Malkin.

Chapter Preview

There were two primary objectives of The Earth Project when it began…to merge Divine Essence and Divine Human Form and move them in resonance through the stargate on 12-21-2012.  The Divine Human Form goes fully dimensional able to move easily through the changes that will occur later. The second was to assure that no aberrant thought forms or disharmonic vibration would move into the New Reality.   Those anomalies would affect exponentially all life forms throughout the Universes.  For that reason, many inter-planetary associations joined in collaboration to assure that the vibratory patterns remain clear.  While we might not agree on some things, for we have each evolved differently…we are putting aside those differences in order to assure the sacred evolution of Planet Earth and her inhabitants. 

My assignment, from the beginning, was to assimilate and integrate all upgrades to the human form and determine how entrainment to outside vibratory patterns affected that integration.  The next step was to determine the best way to move the human form through the necessary vibrational and magnetic influx events designed to accelerate this movement.  That means finding solutions that would be of less impact upon the physical system as these changes were taking place.  While I had no conscious remembrance of this assignment in the beginning, my training and support throughout the years has prepared me well for what is unfolding.  It is time now…for all aligned with The Earth Project…to step forward and do all that is required to assure that there is no interference to the natural evolutionary process of the Divine Human and Planet Earth.

Chapter 1:  In The Beginning...

My story begins with the questions I asked one morning as I was wondering, once again, “Who am I and why am I here?”  “Show me how I began and what I am here to do.”  In my inner thoughts…I heard these words.

In The Beginning was the Word – and the Word was God.  From the Mind of God, Vibration became Form - the beginning of all that was required for giving life to all that was to be.  God created with Divine Inspiration giving form to the messengers that would experience life and explore possibilities.  We began our journey into the unknown with certain Absolutes encoded within our DNA.

The opportunity to live our lives in joy and peace.

The promise that all of our needs would be met.

The assurance that all things were created to evolve and change.

The only requirement was that we trust The Beginning.,

I began, as did you, from that first spark of vibration from the Mind of God.  I became acoustic – then sound/no sound.  As time passed and I grew in understanding, I came to Earth as one of the many components of this grand undertaking…a messenger.  The Earth Project would be the evolution of planetary consciousness.  Simply put, the Earth and her human residents, fully integrated in their Divine Physical Form, would move through the gateway together.  Quite an undertaking for this has never been done before.  Many years have been dedicated to the Earth Project and for some, many lifetimes.  Today, we stand at the precipice of realization of this grand experience.  No longer looking outside of ourselves for the “Why am I here?” Or “What did I come to do?”  It is timing to remember The Beginning and all that was Absolute.  The timing to trust in those Absolutes and disengage from the reality of limitation and entrainment within which we currently reside.

How is that done, you might ask.  A return to the full integration of our Divine Spark from the Mind of God.  How does that work?  First, we must trust...second, believe that all things are possible.  That may not be as simple as one might think and yet, it is precisely what must be done.   

We have the ability to reside as the Mind of God within our Divine Physical Form created specifically for this purpose.  We understand that each unique expression holds no more/no less significance or importance than another.  To fully experience our connection with one another or the Mind of God as it truly exists, each puzzle piece must be carefully put into place. We have all brought pieces to the puzzle and I have come to share my piece with you now as I tell my story.

Chapter 3:  Down the Rabbit Hole

The integration of past, present and future encoding is present in all humans at the DNA level. The conscious recognition of how to utilize this encoding in concert with the movement of information through the physical form is not always required. In order to complete my part in the Earth Project, this recognition would be essential. It took many years and required many changes in my physical, emotional and perceptional reality for this remembrance to take place. I will begin when I first became aware that something had changed in my reality and let my story unfold sequentially from that point of remembering what I had long forgotten. 

 Chapter 5:  My Dark Night of the Soul

More physical symptoms accompany the adjustments in preparation for what is to unfold next. The work through the Antares stargate provided assistance and I am now in a period of integration as I begin to apply what I have learned. My movement, at times, is easy and thoughts are absent. It is the space of ultimate creation before form is manifested. Form manifested only as a way to define it in the human mind. That concept is easier to navigate off-planet as thought is simply the energy of movement and change which requires no definition. It just is. As I practice my newly acquired skill-sets, I relax into the movement as though my existence moves in and through all that is. The perfect union of thought and no-thought. As I breathe in, the strength of the breath expands within me. As I breathe out, the ripples move forward and gently create the movement of change around me. While in the mind’s eye, all appears to remain the same, everything has changed. For with each breath – life shifts - it is the quiet of the breath that holds the key to the movement forward in consciousness. For most, these subtle changes go unnoticed for many continue to wait for the big change in their landscape of reality. Observe in the Earth, the gentle flow of her streams, the movement of her creatures upon her. They recognize when it is time to move on for they live in resonance with her breath. The human condition has traded that tool for the visual monitoring tools aligned with the conditioning of the mind to interpret what is unfolding. Within the conditioned mind lies the FEAR that continues to broadcast loudly throughout the planet.  

Impatience continues to plague me. I listen to the quiet voice inside this morning and hear these words: “You seek answers that do not exist. There is no reasoning within the monkey mind. As you give energy and power to the wondering, you step aside from the moment and lose sight of the adventure you have now invited for yourself. …For the moment, all that is required is the willingness to step aside from ALL that appears and reframe it. The task will require focus for it defines the very essence of life in this reality of the planet. The stretch is far reaching yet possible to achieve

Chapter 7:   Building toward the triple gateways 

The date…08/08/08. This begins a series of gateways that will assure the energetic/vibrational support to make changes in behavior patterns. This support, set in motion this day, will remain in place for twenty-two days allowing the physical to integrate fully the new patterns. How we balance between individuality and duality, how we move in resonance with all that is in our environment and how we individually synchronize with the movement of the whole of existence will determine our ease of movement into our next step as human beings and citizens of the larger planetary family.

I am transmitting a new variable signal with both audible and sub-acoustic frequencies. The sub-acoustic moves easily and attracts little attention. This allows me to be in full view while the movement of the sub-acoustic moves unnoticed. The scan tone recently was to locate the transmitters for the harmonics and the testing went well. The broad range of variables creates a cover as my movement advances. The physical discomfort is a result of the rapid movement through the window frequencies or harmonics required at this time. As the vibration accelerates, it will be easy to determine where adjustments are required to hold the molecular structure intact

Chapter 8:  Phase One…Trust

My off-planet team was soon to change and I would be working with yet another combination as we begin to assess and adjust the first segment over the next year.  As the population was resolving the emotional anomalies that emerged as they integrated the recent dimensional shift of 09/09/09, we set out to assess the first phase of the triple…trust.


While there had been some concern with regard to bringing a triple influx onto the planet at one time, I found there had been adequate preparation and the impact on the physical was manageable.  It had been determined that it would be necessary to bring a “boost” to the Project which would assure that more of the population would have the opportunity to move through the gateway in physical form.  After careful consideration, the decision to front load the influx with three components at once rather than one-at-a-time that has been the usual way of bringing them in met with the approval of all concerned.  Careful consideration would assure the physical form could assimilate and decode the influx with minimal adverse physical symptoms in order to alleviate any fear associated with the symptoms that would occur naturally.  

I ask for an update on my specific function within this group.  “This is the primary function of the work you are most engaged.  While you receive data from all aspects of the Project, your primary role is absolute vibratory alignment.  To maintain this objective, it will be necessary to be present in the natural surroundings when possible.  The rays of the morning sun will guarantee your alignment.”  

Chapter 14:   2017…The timing is “NOW”. 

The interview in 2013 with Gaiam, while buried in the archives, is still being viewed and people are responding.  While I had “pulled everything offline” it seems the time has come to open things up.  I have agreed to one more year to bring things current and see if the landscape will support the work. That means revealing things that I thought would remain unsaid.  I begin again…..