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There are many ways to support and validate the work that is being done by all of us.  It is particularly exciting and validating when one reads the work of another and finds the common threads.  

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The Quiet Miracles information and its use in mainstream environments since 1996 might provide helpful information as you move your work out.  Quiet Miracles was the “umbrella” under which The Triad Wave Bio-Acoustic  SYSTEM  evolved  and  has been introduced in the place of Quiet Miracles in the original text. The basic information remains as relevant today as it was then. The only real change is that it has become more refined and simpler.    


Training curriculum and session outlines, presentation outlines

Since 1996, all the information has been used in mainstream environments, (i.e., hospitals, schools, corporate environment, personal use).  The models are available to use today and can be modified for your particular audience.


Science and support documentation

The science behind The Triad Wave Sequencing and the Bio-acoustic Model will give you an opportunity to “prove” (to those few who really want to know) that the tools and techniques used are supported by science.  Much of the information demonstrates the validity of most “energy” work.  Learn how to integrate these models into what you do, offering you a unique edge as you present your own work.



•  Oxytocin – The Neurochemical of Everything Good January 27, 2011  (routing) This procedure allowed him to follow the flow of information about a stimulus through the brain as it comes to control behavioral responses by way of sensory pathways to the amygdala, and gave rise to the notion of two sensory roads to the amygdala, with the “low road” being a quick and dirty subcortical pathway for rapid activity behavioral responses to threats and the “high road” providing slower but highly processed cortical information.[3]


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• Madhan Raja

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• Dear team, RNA molecule which prevails first , the reasons are 1. RNA can act as catalyst where DNA cannot (i.e) i mean to say in primitive stage all necessary function of the organism handle by very few molecule since RNA can act either as catalyst like protein and genetic materials, RNA is originated first ,2. Most primitive first generated organism contains RNA as a genetic materials,

• you may have a question now why then DNA comes ? the reasons are 1.RNA is a single Stranded molecule have less stability where DNA is double stranded more stable structure than RNA . 2. Uracil is replaced in DNA because several research has been done Uracil is highly prone to mutation like deamination etc so the hereditary pattern may change in-order to avoid mutation and to prevent their genome to be conserved for several generation there comes a replacement of thymine there comes DNA . for these only DNA is surrounded by nuclear membrane etc to prevent it from several chemicals which may mutate (i.e) most of the organism like to save their genome and wants to be highly conserved so there comes DNA.

• Now again a question may arise why still in some organism Still RNA is the genetic materials the reason is those organism having more adapdability to surrounding and it may even change their protein expression and genome have still RNA as a Genetic materials.

• lots more proof is there thank you

• Regards

• Madhan

• BioLim

***************** From TANUSH JAGDISH, evolutionary biologist

• RNA stands for ribose nucleic acid. Ribose is a very simple sugar, like glucose, and is easily derived from formaldehyde (HCHO), which is a main product in experiments simulating the primitive earth.

• When life on earth originated more than 3 billion years ago, we did not have proteins. One view, called the RNA World Hypothesis, is very well substantiated, and envisages that primitive life was composed entirely of RNA. 

• DNA stands for deoxyribose nucleic acid. Deoxyribose is also a sugar, but is much tougher to make than Ribose. Inside cells, deoxyribose is made from ribose by a chemical reaction catalysed by proteins

• Millions of years after RNA life had begun, a route to catalyze the making  of deoxyribose from ribose was initialized. Living forms switched to the more stable and reliable DNA as their primary information carrier. 

• DNA is more stable because it is double stranded. A damaged nucleotide on one DNA strand can be easily corrected by cell machinery since the complementary nucleotide offers a baseline for correction. 

• Deamination is one of the most common methods of damage. Now - by complete chance - deamination of cytosine results in uracil. Had DNA not switched from uracil to thymine, the deamination damage to cytosine would be essentially impossible to detect. But since thymine is used by DNA, uracil can be correctly recognised as dama

TANUSH JAGDISH – evolutionary biologist





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