EarthProject777 is the evolution of Empirical Consciousness for Earth and her Human Inhabitants as WE move through OUR next experience as part of a larger Universal Community.

The first challenge was that this had never been done before...or at least never successfully.  As an additional challenge, it was quickly determined that duality/polarity/competition was strongly entrenched within the consciousness of the population.  The entrainment would require over-ride codes in order for the human to embody their full understanding of how their Divine Form was designed for empirical communication at all levels...their Original Blueprint. 

Who answered the call?


As with any project of this magnitude, it would be necessary to look for those with technical expertise and practical experience to assist.  The call was sent out into the Cosmos, alerting those who had come to assist the indigenous people many years before..  There were many who were willing and eager to commit fully to whatever was required for they realized that the very existence of all life was ultimately affected by what happened in this Sector of the Universe.  Those of us who would become boots on the ground would do so in full service to what would become our life purpose as long as was necessary.  We Began...

The Triad Wave


It was determined that there would be a need to support the assimilation and decoding process of the human system for many years of entrainment had limited our perceptual threshold.

The Triad Wave Sequencing is a simple sine wave sequence acting much like the internet, hyper-communicating with the external and internal systems of both the physiology and the environment using vibration...a code that the physiology understands.  It is a Universal Support System that works in absolute resonance with our highest potential incorporating Pi/Phi/Fibonacci and the non-interference system within which it moves.



The PROMISE was given to those who chose to embody the vibration of the WHOLLY HUMAN as they embarked upon their journey to fulfill their commitment to humanity, Gaia and EarthProject777.  

THE ABSOLUTES  given to each of US as we began our Earth Experience.

  • The OPPORTUNITY to live our lives in joy and peace.
  • The PROMISE that all of our needs would be met.
  • The ASSURANCE that all things were created to evolve and change.


  • I trust THE BEGINNING…I Surrender to my KNOWING.
  • I know I am a part of all that exists.
  • I honor and respect my Form that holds this KNOWING.
  • I Remember that I AM

              Art by Heather Noell


Earth Project 777 - Through the Looking Glass

There were two primary objectives of The Earth Project when it merge Divine Essence with our Divine Human Form and move them in resonance through the Stargate in 2012.   The Divine Human Form goes fully to move easily through the changes that will occur later.  The second was to assure that no aberrant thought forms or dis-harmonic vibratory patterns would move into the New Reality.  Those anomalies would affect exponentially all life forms throughout the Multi-verse.  For that reason, many inter-planetary associations joined in collaboration to assure that the vibratory patterns remain clear.  While we might not agree on some things, for we have each evolved differently...we are putting aside those differences in order to assure the sacred evolution of Earth and Her inhabitants.

My assignment, from the Beginning was to assimilate and integrate all upgrades to the human form and determine how entrainment to outside vibratory patterns affected that integration.  The next step was to determine the best way to move the human form through the necessary vibrational and magnetic influx events designed to accelerate this movement.  That means finding solutions that would be of less impact upon the physical system as these changes were taking place.  While I had no conscious remembrance of this assignment in the beginning, my training and support throughout the years has prepared me well for what is unfolding.  It is time now...for all aligned with EarthProject777 to step forward and do all that is required to assure that there is no interference to the natural evolutionary process of the Wholly Human and that of Planet Earth.*

“...Andromeda is your planet of origin for this phase of your work with the Earth Project.  The energies you are grounding on the planet, at this time, serve to move the inhabitants forward in addressing their emotional issues in order to facilitate the cleansing for the transition.  When the vibrational level reaches maximum intensity, during the next four months, according to present information, the earth and her inhabitants will shift into the next phase of the current evolution.”

It would be quite some time before I would understand that the reference to planet of origin simply meant that I would receive training through that stargate in preparation for the time when we would begin our work here.  That was not to begin until 2009.

*Excerpt from EARTH PROJECT 777 - THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (Book One) as gathered from my personal journals from 1990 thru 2012.  

This offering tells the story of how EP777 evolved and the solutions that were determined to be viable by those both off-planet and on-planet as we moved through the 2012 Gateway.  The focus of this first offering details the beginning of The Triad Wave Sequencing and the subsequent Bio-acoustic SYSTEM that provides practical application "tools" that are easily moved into mainstream applications and are fully supported by science - both physically and metaphysically. 

In honor of the willingness of humanity to step forward, we were granted grace to move forward for the first time in our evolutionary history, even though all the vibrational fields were not in resonance.  At the beginning of 2013, we began course corrections to assure that all inhabitants would have the opportunity to move to their full potential - to embody all that we are - Wholly Human.  THE STORY CONTINUES...


Becoming Wholly Human - Integrated and Embodied

The story I share is how I remember words may not always match yours for our journeys are about perception.  Within these pages, I would ask that you look for those moments when my words carry you into your own experience to find your gift.  Within the common thread lies the beauty of Life's Tapestry - there for all to see and experience - each in their own unique way.

I have always known I would come to this tiny cabin in the woods to tell my story.  Here, in the softness of Nature, I listen to the Faces in the Forest as they share with me how to move through the times ahead for they have made this journey many times.  In the silence of Ishatae, A Quiet Place, I will begin to share my understanding of what has been - what is NOW - and what will be the New Pathway that is unfolding.  Here in the Stillness of Ishatae, I find the courage to tell my story in its fullness, as I understand it, and the Courage to Dream a New Reality.

Remember as you hear my story that this is just a small snap shot from only one perspective. It is important to add other pieces to this puzzle in order to see more clearly that which is unfolding.  We all have a language unique to our life experience. It is imperative NOW to bridge our language barriers and work in full concert with one another.  I heard a statement many years ago that I feel fits this timing well..."It takes a village."  We are the village and as we move through the coming months, I invite you to observe your own experiences and share them with others, looking always for the common thread that joins us one-to-another.  Our collaboration is important for there is no one size fits all and we each have a role to play in the unfolding.  There is no only one with the only way or the only interpretation.  We must look beyond the messenger and use discernment as we listen to their message for each holds the building block for the next...some will fit our puzzle...some will not.  We have no way to know unless we listen instead of turning away.

How smoothly this transition unfolds will be determined by our thoughts and actions.  Geophysical movement and the emotional well being of every individual upon the planet are intricately connected and will determine how we ride the ride of this amazing shift in our collective consciousness.  We have all the skill sets and tools necessary to make this ride exciting and smooth - we have only to use them.*  

*Excerpt from BECOMING WHOLLY HUMAN - INTEGRATED AND EMBODIED   (Book Two) as gathered from my personal journals from 2013 to the present day.   


A Preview...

The Introduction to Through the Looking Glass, Becomming Wholly Human is narrated by Brenda.  

The music you hear supporting the narrative here and under Chapter One is Courage to Dream by Gary Malkin.

”All that is required is The Courage to Dream...Permission to reveal ALL...we are prepared.  The Call to Action has been sounded, again...WE  ARE  READY.”