EarthProject777 is the evolution of Empirical Consciousness for Earth and her Human Inhabitants as WE move through OUR next experience as part of a larger Universal Community.

The first challenge was that this had never been done before...or at least never successfully.  As an additional challenge, it was quickly determined that duality/polarity/competition was strongly entrenched within the consciousness of the population.  The entrainment would require over-ride codes in order for the human to embody their full understanding of how their Divine Form was designed for empirical communication at all levels...their Original Blueprint. 

Who answered the call?


As with any project of this magnitude, it would be necessary to look for those with technical expertise and practical experience to assist.  The call was sent out into the Cosmos, alerting those who had come to assist the indigenous people many years before..  There were many who were willing and eager to commit fully to whatever was required for they realized that the very existence of all life was ultimately affected by what happened in this Sector of the Universe.  Those of us who would become boots on the ground would do so in full service to what would become our life purpose as long as was necessary.  We Began...

The Triad Wave


It was determined that there would be a need to support the assimilation and decoding process of the human system for many years of entrainment had limited our perceptual threshold.

The Triad Wave Sequencing is a simple sine wave sequence acting much like the internet, hyper-communicating with the external and internal systems of both the physiology and the environment using vibration...a code that the physiology understands.  It is a Universal Support System that works in absolute resonance with our highest potential incorporating Pi/Phi/Fibonacci and the non-interference system within which it moves.

The story of EarthProject777 will be ready to share soon.