Each of us, in our human Form,  are Beings with a deep spiritual knowing held  within our DNA.  We have come into a Human Form, one that was Divinely created In the Beginning, yet without an owner’s manual or being fully awake.  This is a time of great awakening and we are beginning to realize our “how to” is within our own knowing and not elsewhere.  Like any owner’s manual or how-to, it can create confusion as we begin to start our engine.  The upgrade or update is ready for our use and we are ready to begin our next experience.    Would  you  like  to  explore  how  these  updates  might  be  useful  in  your  Navigation?

The discoveries of the Navigation Tools  that  were part  of  EarthProject7777   (The Triad Wave Sequencing, the Bio-Acoustic SYSTEM) have reached a point of completion and it is NOW the timing for each of us, once again, to shift into our next evolutionary experience.  

Each moment opens an opportunity to Navigate NOW  through the ever changing vibrational fields of acceleration and change.  OUR opportunity is to move beyond the NOW into  our Collective Navigation through  OUR  NOW  as we move together.

OUR collective task is to Navigate our new emerging reality,  exploring and using  the Navigation Tools, find our individual True North for this moment and begin living our highest potential as residents of Gaia in her highest expression and as citizens of the vast Multi-verse.


Learn  how you might use the Navigation  Tools  to assist in your personal navigation to your  TRUE  NORTH  as  an  integrated  and  embodied  Sixth  Element,  the Wholly  Human  integrated  and  embodied,  as well as how you use your wisdom in support of our Collective Navigation...