Each of us, in our human Form,  are Beings with a deep spiritual knowing held  within our DNA.  We have come into a Human Form, one that was Divinely created In the Beginning, yet without an owner’s manual or being fully awake.  This is a time of great awakening and we are beginning to realize our “how to” is within our own knowing and not elsewhere.  Like any owner’s manual or how-to, it can create confusion as we begin to start our engine.  The upgrade or update is ready for our use and we are ready to begin our next experience.    Would  you  like  to  explore  how  these  updates  might  be  useful  in  your  Navigation?

The discoveries of the Navigation Tools  that  were part  of  EarthProject7777   (The Triad Wave Sequencing, the Bio-Acoustic SYSTEM) have reached a point of completion and it is NOW the timing for each of us, once again, to shift into our next evolutionary experience.  

Each moment opens an opportunity to Navigate NOW  through the ever changing vibrational fields of acceleration and change.  OUR opportunity is to move beyond the NOW into  our Collective Navigation through  OUR  NOW  as we move together.

OUR collective task is to Navigate our new emerging reality,  exploring and using  the Navigation Tools, find our individual True North for this moment and begin living our highest potential as residents of Gaia in her highest expression and as citizens of the vast Multi-verse.


Learn  how you might use the Navigation  Tools  to assist in your personal navigation to your  TRUE  NORTH  as  an  integrated  and  embodied  Sixth  Element,  the Wholly  Human  integrated  and  embodied,  as well as how you use your wisdom in support of our Collective Navigation...

How might my experience and expertise benefit YOU?


Just the two of us...

Exploring the possibilities utilizing my 29 years of personal experience with EarthProject777, The Triad Wave and the API Bio-Acoustic SYSTEM and what it means to embody the vibrational field of the Sixth  Element,  the  Wholly Human.

If you would like personal time, there are options that we can discuss. 



Reaching out to support, encourage and educate.  Learn ways to integrate the “tools” that were provided as EP777 evolved along with many that have been brought forward by others who were part of this unfolding.  


Project Consultation

Let’s explore the many ways you might bring this practical information into your project, your group, your workplace...using the language you currently use to define what you are presenting.    LET’S  TALK  ABOUT  YOUR  PROJECT


What are WE creating?


Participate in exploration as we discover how each puzzle piece adds to the collective solution outlined in The Directives of EarthProject777.  Experience how your personal piece of the puzzle compliments the bigger picture.

Do YOU hold a key?


As we explore in conversations of a different kind, we remember the question that we didn’t know to ask....pathways open, resources appear and solutions are recognized.

Resonance and balance are innate and natural to the Wholly Human.


We explore and discover together, utilizing all of the encoding within the DNA of the SIXTH ELEMENT, WHOLLY HUMAN.


Mike Upstone, Founder of The Universal Trust, provided this synopsis of The Triad Wave and the API SYSTEM following my presentation at MGT Institute for Consciousness.

Lisa Elzy Watson Executive Director Lightwave Education

This year LightWave Education Freedom School was introduced 80 students to a technique to increase harmony, connection and the feeling of being in a safe place. The students response was off the charts. They loved it! We stood in one big circle and performed the technique together. Some of the student's comments were particularly heart warming. One student who was struggling over the death of his father, exclaimed with joy, This is the best school ever! 

Several students were so excited anticipating their on-stage performances, their energy reached almost manic levels, running, couldn't sit in their seats.  I caught two of them and we did the Reset Breath and Quiet Touch. They listened to their own heartbeat slow down and they felt connected and were able to sit calmly until it was their turn. 

Last night I was the guest speaker at 'The Onion" and I taught the whole congregation. It was a sweet moment.

Rev. Denise Yeargin, Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader, Unity of Music City

Brenda Julian Williams is the Real Deal.  When you are in her presence you move quickly from the level of an inspiring talk to a deep sense of connection and knowing that the words she is speaking come from a much higher awareness than you may be privy to in the moment. Brenda is one of the most “self-aware” presenters I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.  You realize quickly that her personal values and integrity shine through each and every word. It’s as if Brenda has removed her ego and is sharing an important message that is just for you. 

Bill McEwen, Duck River, Tennessee

Brenda and I have been friends for many years. In addition, I have had the opportunity and honor to co- facilitate numerous workshops with her. Listen carefully to her message. More importantly, FEEL it and INTEGRATE it....and once EMBODIED, your life will never be the same. WHOLENESS is our birthright!  What a blessing you are for the world. Thank you for sharing the journey. 

Beverly Rubik PhD President and Founder for Institute of Frontier Science

“The wave (Triad Wave) and API Process engage the body’s running system with input from the individual’s organic rhythm.”

Pano Yeracaris MD MPH Boston, MA

I have had the great pleasure of learning a powerful and simple technique from Brenda, reset breath, quiet touch. Very efficient and effective. 

I have been using it in my life but also in my two chronic pain groups with patients addicted to opiates, most with strong mental health and medical chronic illnesses. Patients find it effective, relaxing and are using it at home in between groups. 

I also have been playing music with embedded triad wave and it has made the sessions even more powerful. This is Incredible. 

Thank you Brenda!! 

Participant’s Thoughts

I wanted to write and thank you for your work.  I am a healer from the Rocky Mountains in Canada, and I was given a cd with music and the triad waves.  I was given the cd (within a day) after I put out to the universe that I needed a more powerful musical tool to use while I am working with clients.  I have seen the power of healing via music before, but the energy of this is....the word is escaping me!!!   I wanted to thank you for not giving up on bringing us (the universe), the ability to use this healing modality in such a quantum force.  Thank you for not believing you were crazy and for pushing forward and bringing such amazing shifts to us!!!  

               Rosie, Alberta Canada

Thank you so very much for providing the Awareness and Presence group calls.  I found them enlightening, inspiring, expanding, and intimate.   What a wonderful gift this teaching is!  I feel humbled and blessed to be a part of it. 

I look forward to our next gathering.  Meantime, I am RBQT'ing everywhere and anywhere!  

                Veronica, Pennsylvania

Thank you so very much for generously allowing me to take part in the wonderful tele class.I continue to learn from this beautiful inner connection. It is so simple, and powerful. 

I was going through a lot during the class and feel entirely different / much more on purpo se just after the second class. I was feeling pretty stuck in two big areas of my life,and the stuck-ness has lifted !!  Huge  RELIEF. I  believe that your teaching helped to open the door.

I have  taught RBQT to every client I have had since the class.I am about to give my 1st sacred dance class  and RBQT will be a part of the opening and closing. I am so very pleased that this class is finally coming together. 

              Isabelle , Los Angeles

About Brenda


Brenda Williams is a Catalyst for change, a creative thinker who mirrors a personal understanding of life's challenges and models solutions that can work for real time and real life. She is an author, producer and creative engineer within the field of sound/no sound vibrational/frequency application.   Since 1994, Brenda has been sharing her discoveries and expertise with others.  She continues to share her work during group conference calls, group gatherings and training intensives for others to learn and use the principles of EarthProject777, The Triad Wave Bio-Acoustic SYSTEM© and how you might more easily embody YOUR WHOLLY HUMAN -Sixth Element vibrational signature.  

Prior to 1994, Brenda owned and operated Your Girl Friday, Inc.  A full staff of in-house personnel served the local small business and corporate community.  Personally assessing the needs within the environment of her many clients, she successfully placed both temporary and permanent employees within the workforce.  These assessment skills...the ability to observe and see where additional support is necessary for a more efficient environment...are now being brought into her work with individuals and business environments as we begin to create within the new reality.

In 1994, Brenda opened Quiet Miracles, Inc., a non-profit organization that became the foundation for the work she continues to do today. The original Quiet Miracles website material, in an updated format, can be found in the Archives section of this site.  Quiet Miracles, Inc. presented programs in schools, hospitals, educational environments as well as addressing the needs of individuals who participated in the programs offered.  A list of presentation sites represent the diversity of the Quiet Miracles programs.

Her life experience has been carefully documented in her journals. The discovery of The Triad Wave, her work with what she calls her "off-planet collaborators" and her part in the Earth Project have been carefully documented in her hand-written journals.  An on-going look into these interactions along with how one might ride the wave of this amazing change in our earth based reality can be found  as the story unfolds within the pages of her upcoming books.

While presenting at the Duke University Mind/Body Study Group, Brenda’s Duke sponsor suggested she use the following credentials, NCN-OBG (No Credentials Necessary – Ordained By God). He felt they best represented the message she was sharing. While not formally given in an academic arena, they have become the cornerstone for her work. The School of Life Experiences prepared her well for what  has become her life’s purpose - Creating Calm Within the Chaos of Personal and Global Evolutionary change.